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    This guide will show you how to win at online dating so you can meet the best people, have fun and avoid compromising situations.

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    So I've heard from different people that you have to be very proactive and assertive as a foreigner (male) dating Taiwanese guys.People have told me that, generally speaking, they always wait for you to take initiative and move the ball forward. I usually like to be "whisked away" and not do a lot of the advances/ball-pushing-forwardness -- but I've been told if I am this way nothing will ever happen... This is impart too because guys assume your Chinese isn't good and they feel insecure about their English, and so they're shy, basically. What has your experience been dating/going on dates with/pursuing guys in Taiwan? I also don't like to always take the initiative but after months of "waiting" for guys online to ask me out on a date, I never got an invitation.(I know dating is not like marriage but still it's a relationship that u need to focus on, isn't it?) Some taiwanese guys are quite introvert even they have no problem in en speaking and just as the jbpx saying very "spineless" when facing the family issue. From my experience, the guys able to communicate fluently with foreigners often are white collar or major in language related fields, and these groups of people often have strong connection with their family or still in the economic reign of their parents, maybe that's why they choose to stay in the closet even to their best friends, not to mention the family.Go to gay section on PTT(the biggest BBS site in Taiwan) and check people's self-introduction, many claimed that they never have a bf before and never hv a hookup either.(my definition of young gay men: age under 30, also the major user group on PTT) So I envy and congratulate that you luckily met some liberal gays who are open to sex and feel easy to talk about it in public.I have known few Taiwanese gays here and so far my experience is not even close to okay.

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    And they stay in the little comfort bubble built by their parents for too long, so long that they dont know how to flirt or doesn't even have diverse life to share, they work or study for the most of the life, you can't blame too much on them for being a dummy nerd. Unless you mean Taiwanese like to skip dating and jump to boyfriend/boyfriend then i would young gays are still virgin Not true and what evidence do you have to back this up.

    as myself, I'm out to all my friends and family, and I coudn't care less to know their thoughts to my orientation, positive or negative, I don't care. There are virgins everywhere but taiwanese are just as forward about sex if not more than any other Asian country they are just not as explicit as foreigners are. And many foreigners in taiwan speak chinese so we actually are able to meet people other than white collar workers.

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