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    The school started with an enrollment of 57 independent study students.

    Exponential decay carbon 14 dating formula

    No test was made of distilled water, as the Antigo Water Dept. Antigo water pipes are also encrusted with (calcified) fluoride from 26 to 3,100 ppm.

    This latter was analyzed and diagnosed by the Wisconsin Dept of Hygiene as being aluminum fluoride.

    Chemical Warfare (CW) research and manufacture is ongoing.

    - The nerve-gas Soman (GD) is chemically similar to Sarin (GB), and they both contain fluorine.

    of Ruhana, Sri Lanka, showed that fluoridated water at 1 ppm, when used in cooking in aluminum cookware, concentrated the aluminum up to 600 ppm, whereas water without fluoride did not.

    (Science News, 1) (Note: Why wasn't this simple test ever financed and done in the U. ) "The researchers suggested that because of the known fact that aluminum is neuro-toxic and is in abnormally high concentrations in the brain of Alzheimer's and other neurological disease victims, including AIDS, that these findings raise questions about adding fluoride to the water supply of communities to reduce tooth decay.

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    - Chlorine Gas and chlorine-bearing Mustard gas were feared in Europe in World War I, and they are still currently in the chemical-warfare arsenal of many countries. drinking water today for the sole purpose of killing something, while natural water oxygenation treatments as used in Europe are much more safe for human consumption.Chlorine gas was reportedly released in Iraq during the Gulf War. - Fluorine is the most highly-reactive and chemically unstable of ALL existing chemical elements.Fluorine is not found by itself in nature, because it is so unstable that it chemically combines - violently, in many cases - with practically any other element. - While one lethal dose of Sarin would fit on the head of a pin, the U. arsenal stockpiles literally billions of lethal doses.They are called "nerve" agents because they directly attack and destroy the nervous system.According to an EPA report (following), once you remove the fluorine from Sarin, all that remains is a non-toxic acid. was openly selling nerve gas ingredients to Iraq as late as 1984, until the State Department banned the export of certain chemical substances to Iraq: "U. Halts Shipment of Chemicals to Iraq (AP) WASHINGTON - U. Customs agents in New York impounded a shipment of 74 drums of potassium fluoride, a principal ingredient of a deadly form of nerve gas, to Iraq, the Customs Service said Saturday. ." The shipment was destined for the "Ministry of Pesticides" in Baghdad.

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